10 mars 2006

The Knife

It was not a matter of watching the stars sky together. rather a matter of ability to express a certain perception.
True it's nice to share some good times; unfortunately that's a rarity. Even here people show sweety but what about their heart? sponge or sugar? Sad to meet sth Im accustomed so much... Just as we die children raise up and bury once again.
Some lifes go that slowly they cannot cross the birth line. And they head in this limbo, as dead-born children wander in.
One way to live might be to entrust key of clock/time to God, to give back time to God, and act with post-mortem constraints.
Only blood obsesses vampires.
Only deviancy obsesses/affects normality.
And so on... A rune could be: don't miss anything, so that you go faithful.
When you miss something, tell Him. in this no-clock world your mind is, and lets your heart raise your phisical life.

Strange to hear what people pray.
for their privileges going on...
for nothing but a Great Hope,
for fear of a social coercitive action,
Everyone prays what he wants. But
at the end, you stand not in references
but in yourself.
How can people kill themselves?
How can people can NOT having a live?
Netherlands in. People do. That's all.
And they do for the best, as expectations.


buena vista social club
the knife - starmania
the last trick- aimee mann

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