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30 décembre 2006

List of stock photography archives

Je me suis permis de recopier le cache google d'une page wikipedia.
En effet, cette liste de banques d'images est bien pratique.

The following are tables of stock photography archives, image banks, or image search engines. Stock photographs may be purchased using one of two licenses: Royalty Free (RF), and Rights Managed (RM)

Note: when a field "commission" is included it denotes the amount of the sale that the photographer receives.



Major stock agencies with 100,000 or more images

In response to the phenomenal growth of microstock agencies, the major stock agencies are sometimes now described as "macrostocks". Also referred to as "trads" short for traditional agencies.

Name Description Images / Photographers / Commission Commercial / Educational / Personal RF RM
Acclaim Images RM & RF, Fine Art Prints 100,000+ / 300+ / 50% C E P Yes Yes
Adobe Stock Photos Distribution of images from Getty Images, Image Source, IPN Relay, Jupiterimages, and Masterfile 750,000 - - - Yes Yes
age fotostock General agency representing over 30 RM and 50 RF high quality brands from the most prestigious collections worldwide About 2.000.000 images available on-line C E - Yes Yes
Alamy [1] UK based stock portal. RM and RF, Editorial images. 7,200,000+ / 5,500 / 328 agencies / 65% C E P $85 - 450 Yes
Accent Alaska Alaska 275,000 / 106 C E P

Art Life Images Broad, exceptional collection of high reproduction quality Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free imagery from the finest artists and named brand collections worldwide About 1,000,000 images available on-line C E - Yes Yes
The Art Archive The leading supplier of fine art, world civilization and historical images. Located on The Picture Desk. 100,000+ C E - No Yes
Axiom Photographic Agency Photographic library with creative and original images of the highest quality from around the world. Located on Axiom. 300,000+ C E - No Yes
BSIP Medicine, Science, Dailylife, Animals and Nature 100,000+ C E - No Yes
Corbis [2] (DE) Owned by Bill Gates. RF commission: 20-50%. 25,000,000+ C Corbis Pro.. E Corbis Edu.
$70 - 350 $500+
Culver Pictures Historical Photos and Prints 2,000,000+ C E

Diomedia Wikipedia:Diomedia Stock photography, Diomedia premier online supplier of digitised media content: RM and RF images all imags available for online download 1,500,000+ C E P Yes Yes
DW Stock Picture Library Rights Managed - mainly Horticulture, People & Lifestyle, Australiana 200,000+ C E P
Fotosearch Stock Photography Photographs, Footage, and Illustrations from over 100 publishers. Search multiple vendors at once at Fotosearch. 1,500,000+ C E P Yes Yes
fotoLibra [3] Open access - accepts all images. Commission 50-60% 140,000+ C E P $40 - $160 Yes
FreeFoto.com [4] Royalty free photographic library with original images. 100,000+ C E P $30 - $320 No
Getty Images [5] Holdings include: Iconica, Digital Vision, Tony Stone and the microstock iStockphoto[6]. 25,000,000+ C E P $160 - 435 $20,000
Imagestate Wikipedia:Imagestate RF and RM.
C E P Yes Yes
Index Stock Imagery First agency to go digital. also Photos To Go for small business licensing. Index Open and Photos To Go Unlimited for royalty free subscriptions 900,000+ / 1,700+ artists C E

Inmagine Photos Image aggregator. Inmagine and Inmagine Asia. 1,800,000+ C E
$89 - 399
IPN Stock IPN Stock Independent Photography Network 300,000+ C

Yes Yes
iStockpro A division of iStockphoto. Royalty-free distributor for major vendors and independent photographers. 500,000+ / 450 C E P $29 - 275
Jupiterimages The images division of Jupitermedia. Holdings include Comstock Images, Banana Stock, BrandX, Creatas Images, Thinkstock Images, FoodPix, PictureArts, subscription sites Ablestock.com, Clipart.com, Photos.com, PhotoObjects.net, the microstock stockxpert and the free stock site stock.xchng. >7 million C

$89 - 445 Yes
KeenImages Large collection of high resolution royalty-free stock photos in any category 100,000+ / 50% C E P $55 - 400 No
Ron Kimball Stock Transportation and Animals. 500,000+ C E P

The Kobal Collection World-renowned archive of movie, television and entertainment images from the origins of motion pictures through the latest releases. Located on The Picture Desk. 500,000+ C E - No Yes
Description Images / Photographers / Commission Commercial / Educational / Personal RF RM
LOOK Travel, outdoor, active-sports 800,000+ /50 C E P

Masterfile RM and RF, Multi-lingual. 375,000+/200+ C E P Yes Yes
Matton : Royalty Free Images RF Stock. Multi-lingual. 750,000+ C E P Yes
Minden Pictures RM imagery of wildlife, nature, environment and ecodestinations 250,000 / 45 C E No
Nature Picture Library Nature, environment, indigenous peoples, animals, birds, plants, travel, landscape etc. images 70.000+ / 200 / Variable C E P Yes Yes
NYC In Pictures Current and historic still and film 700,000+ / 300+ / 50% C E P Yes Yes
Photographers Direct Will not accept images from micropayment photographers. 800,000+/7,000+/80% C E P - Yes
PIC Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free Stock Photos covering all subjects. RF photos @ $77.50 / £40.00 flat rate & RM @ $155.00 / £80.00 (12 months exclusive rights), both with discounts for multiple images purchased. 175,000+ / 15 C E P Flat Rate $77.50 Flat Rate (1 year) $155.00
The Picture Desk Home to The Kobal Collection and The Art Archive. Leading specialists in Arts and Entertainment images. 250,000+ C - - No Yes
PunchStock RM & RF photos, images, illustrations. More than 60 RF collections and 25 RM collections 1,500,000+ C E P $89 - 400
PhotosIndia India's finest stock agency to provide Indian content for the global market place. Offers business and lifestyle images of Modern India. 150,000+ C - - $89 - 450
ShutterPoint Royalty free, Editorial. 110,000+ / 85% C E P $20 - 300 No
SuperStock Wikipedia:SuperStock Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free images. Contemporary, Vintage and Fine Art collections. Free research. 1,000,000+ / 2,000+ C E P Yes Yes
Tokyo1-Japan Historic and current photos and footage 110,000+ C E

the Stock Solution Stock photography agency 200,000 / 100

Travel Images Images of 300 countries and territories - stock photography >1 million / 200 C E P

Veer Distributor and agency. Royalty-free and rights-managed images, plus motion and type products 500,000+ / 300+ C E P Yes Yes
WireImage Personality and event photography >4 million / 1,600 photographers

Workbook Stock Wikipedia:Workbook, Inc., Premium rights-managed imagery and royalty-free photography. 200,000+images/800 contributors C E P Yes Yes
ZUMA Press Independent press agency and wire service >3 million / 900 photographers

YumeVision [7] Photo Reporters Agency on [http://www.yumevision.com/ 100,000+/ 12/ 50% C E P Yes Yes

Minor stock agencies with less than 100,000 images

Name Description Images / Photographers Commercial / Educational / Personal
Absolute Stock Photo Royalty-Free Instant Downloads and Art Prints - Subjects: Abstract, Architecture, Animals, Autos, Business, Concept, City-scape, Food, Landscape, Lifestyle, Sports, Travel, Transportation, and more. 40,000+ / 140 C E P
Action Press In German

Aigrette Stockpix Stock Photos Stock photography of Wildllife, environmental issues, travel and general stock images - RM & Licenced 50,000+ /4 C E P
Everyday European Life In several languages

Amber Images Pictures of London, Landscapes and Dance 2,000+ C

Art + Commerce Image Archive High-end fashion, travel, and lifestyle photography. Exclusive fine art archives. 70,000+ / 40 C E
Beliefstock World Religions Stock photography of Christian, Jewish and Holy Land Images - Instant downloadable photos 5,000+ C E P
Buyimage Photo library Stock photography of mainly london, England, Scotland, Ireland, wales plus Europe mainly landscape images - RF & Licenced - direct from photographer Colin Palmer 13,000+ /1 C E P
Catchlight Visual Services Family life picture library 60.000+ / 14 C E P
Coolstock.com American Photographs: Past, Present, Future.™

Cotheeka Stock Photo Agency Fine Art Pictures and Commercial Stock Images 10,000+ / Unknown C E P
Cut and Deal Gambling Images Pictures of gaming, gambling (especially poker), and sports betting 15,000+ C

Earth Science World ImageBank Earth/Science Pictures 5,000 C E: Free P: Free
Fotostock Mallorca Rights managed stock photos of Majorca (Balearic Islands, Spain): nature, architecture, lifestyle, culture, festivities, fine art, events, celebrities, food, tourism and more for editorial, corporate and commercial use in print, web and creative projects. Prints are also available for personal use. Searchable online database, light box feature, free research service. Available in spanish, german, english and other languages. 50,000+ / 1+ C E P
Nature Stock Photography Hicker Nature Stock Photography 15.000+ C E: P:
Sprague Photo Stock Stock photography featuring society, health, and the environment worldwide. Categories include AIDS, birth control, water, babies, women, islam, mothering, slavery, environment, pollution, people, architecture, children, contrasts, drugs, faces, family, farming, food, health, and aging. 90,000+ C E -
Digital Stock Photography Still life, lifestyle, animals,
Design Pics Royalty Free - mainly Christian , Family, Ethical Focuses 50,000+ C E P
Dennis Kunkle Microscopy, Inc. Scientific stock photography, mainly microscopic images 1,500/1? C E: Classroom Only P
Eon Images Royalty-free historical & contemporary images 10,000+ $10-45 E P
Featurepics.com http://www.Featurepics.com Royalty-free, Right Managed, Editorial. Photographer's commission: 70% 35,600+

Flower-Photos rights-managed / rights managed & royalty-free high-end stock photos of flowers for publishers, print and design at low, flat rates not dependent on how the images are used or print runs. Annual charge for unlimited downloads of medium res images for the web. 1,500/100 C E P
fStop High-end, royalty-free pictures for designers 4,000/100 C E P
Henry Westheim Photography RM Asia, including the Middle East. ?/1? C E P
ImageBase Stock Library African Stock Photography 5,000+ C E: Free with tagline P
Image Source Contemporary, Royalty Free Stock Photography 60,000+ C

If Images Wikipedia:If Images London based. Royalty Free and Rights Managed.
internetlights.com internetlights.com High quality stock images and Fine art photography 5.000+ C E P
Leamington Spa Picture Library Local architectural photography from the heart of England
LuckyPix Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free, Midwest, Chicago 8,000+ / 90+ C E P
Description Images / Photographers Commercial / Educational / Personal
MediaRecycler.com Independent marketplace for Buyers and Sellers. Royalty-Free and Rights-Managed from Independent Contributors from all over the world. Offers free accounts for Contributors and includes 50GB of storage. All items individually priced by the Independent Contributors ranging from $1 to $300+. Lowest commissions! Over 80% of the sales are paid to the Independent Contributors. 2,500+ / 120 C E P
Mira Creative Eye Cooperative. Artist owned, professionally managed 40,000+ C E P
Minden Pictures Rights Managed Imagery of Wildlife, Nature, Environment and Ecodestinations +/- 50,000 / 45 C E -
mylife photos mylife royalty-free images. CDs are unique in that they focus on one or two individuals and his or her lifestyle. Each CD offers 50+ images in four different resolutions; 1, 10, 30 and 50 megabytes. Single images can also be purchased from $75-$300. 2,000+ / 11 C E P
MediaBlitzimages Ultra high quality Rights Managed stock photography; from 18-39 million pixels. Food, Lifestyle, People, Objects, Business, Seasonal, Floral, Glamour, Nude, Topless, Health & Beauty, Motoring and Travel. Images start @ £12.00 17,000+ / 1 C E P
MMediaPress.com RM Photo Sport Agency 40,000 / 15 C

PICDISK Stock Photo Backgrounds Royalty-free stock photos of backgrounds and textures on CD 500+ C E P
Photofeatures International Music Stock photos since the 60's
Photos of Boston Rights managed photos of Boston and New England 5,000+ C E P
Ponkawonka Religious stock World's largest online stock photo agency dealing exclusively with religious images 50,000 C E P
RADION Imagery Royalty-Free & Rights-Managed - offering single images to meet most customers demands - Prices from 14.95€ - 149€ 2,500+ C E P
Scandinavian Stock Photo Royalty-free stock photography. 90,000+ images C E P
Seattle City Photography Royalty-free stock photos and prints of the Seattle/Eastside
Seattle Photographs Stock photos of Seattle
Turbo Photo 300dpi print-ready, royalty-free stock photos from a cheap $9 each. 50,000 C E P
Sodapix royalty-free, rights managed, real life 50,000+ C E P
United Images Online Stock Photo Library Quality original royalty-free and rights managed stock photo images covering many subjects. 30,000+ / 30+ C E P
Pogus Caesar / OOM Gallery Archive Contemporary stock photography covering varied subjects. 12,000 + C E P
Whalephoto Whale and Marine stock Photography from the North East Atlantic 10,000+ C E P
wildcolour A variety of Wilderness and adventure photography available for instant download 10,000+ C E P
Wildlife & Genre Stock Images Nature / Wildlife / Animals / Birds / Religion and more - Holy Land stock images 30,000+ C E P


A microstock is defined here as a stock photography agency that allows a customer to download a royalty-free image online, instantly, after online payment with a credit card, or Paypal, for a substantially lower cost than that of the major stock agencies.

Name Description Images / Photographers RF
123RF Download Credit & Subscription based. RF images. No editorial images. Subscription Plans : $88 basic to $499 premium plans. 500,000+ / 3,000+ Yes
3AM Photo Per image, or Subscription based. RF Images. Photographers receive 40 cents per download. 1,000+ Yes
Aspect Images Stock photography 10,000+ / 50+. Yes
BigStockPhoto Royalty free. 516,000+ / 3,000+. $1.40 - 2.50
Buy Digital Images Royalty free stock photography 200,000+ / 750 $1 - 3
Cannabis Stock Photography Photographer's commission: 50% 1,000+ / 10+ Yes
Can Stock Photo RF. $1, or a monthly suscription of $35.95 USD. 280,000+ / 3,500+ $1
Crestock RF 50 000 / 5 500 $6 - 10
Dreamstime Photographer's commission: 50-68% 620,000+ / 5,500+ $1 - 3
Eon Images RF editorial historical images. Photos, maps, illustrations, ads, and fine art. Submitter's commission: 70% - $10 - 45
FeaturePics.com RF as well as Rights-managed and Editorial Photographer's commission: 70% 40,000+ / 500 $1-$50
Fotolia RF (available in english, german, french and spanish). 1,282,000 / 106,000 $1 - 10
Get Photo. RF 1000 / 1 $1
GalaStock Royalty Free Stock Photos. Photographer's commission: 30%
$1 - 5
ImageVortex.com Royalty free. 5,000+ / 1,000+ Up to $300
Inspired Stock Exclusive, SWAT, police, world cities and more. Photographer's commission: 30% 10,000+ $1 - $15
IStockPhoto [8] Created the concept of a micropayment photography site in 2000. Owned by Getty Images. Photographer's commission: 20-40%. Print run: 500,000. 1,062,000+ / 28,000+ $1 - 3
LuckyOliver [9] Royalty free photos. Photographer's commission: 30%+. 50,000+ / 2,000+ Yes, RF: $1 - 4
Onutz Photo Stock photography and tips for enthusiast photographers. Buy prints or downloads. Wildlife, Scenic Views, Nature. - + £0.10
PhotoAlto Royalty-Free 25,000+ Yes
Photocase Highly unique royalty-free images. Photographer's commission: 60%. Available in English and German. Photocase on Wikipedia. 76,000+ / 9600+ Yes
PhotoFox.eu PhotoFox - Royalty free stock photos - architecture, landscape, street, detail, stills, people, monochrome fine art (available in englishand german) 1,000+ Yes
ShutterStock By subscription, monthly fee of $139 USD. Holdings include photosights.com and Stock To Go. Photographers receive 25 cents per download. Print run: 250,000 1,043,000+ / 29,500 Yes
Stockxpert Royalty free. Owned by Jupitermedia. Sister site: stock.xchng. Photographers commission: 50% ? $1-
1,042,000 $6.95 - 19.95
TotallyPhotos RF 20,000+ / 1000+ $10 - 25
Travel-Prints.com Royalty-free travel stock. Member-generated, high-resolution photography. 3,000+ / 400+ $1 - $3
1000bananas Royalty free stock photos -fruits,vegetables,herbs,spices and more. Photographer Franci Virant. 50,000+ / 1 $49 - 239
RCS Digital Photography Royalty free photography: nature, flowers, fruits, landscapes 2000+ $3 - 30


An editorial stock photograph is used as illustration, education or news. It cannot be used in an advertisement and therefore does not need a model release or property release. Most of the major stock agencies sell editorial use of images. Some small agencies also accept editorial content.

Site Description Photographer's Commission

Magnum [10] Photographer's cooperative. breaking news, sports, celebrities, family life ?

Reuters [11] prints also available ?

Zuma [12] celebrities, sports ?

Citizen Image [13] breaking news, sports, celebrities, everyday life. 50%

Scoopt [14] newsworthy photos and videos 50%

Shutterstock [15] accepts editorial content 25 cents/download

Eon Images [16] historical images 70%

Image Vortex [17] accepts editorial 70%

Featurepics [18] accepts editorial content 70%

Retrostock [19] retro material none


While most of the major agencies include illustration some small agencies specialize exclusively in illustration.

Site Description Artist's Commission

CartoonStock [20] Cartoon specialist, instant downloads ?

The Ispot [21] instant download 75%

Artbitz [22] - ?

Images.com [23] - ?

Illustrationworks [24] - ?

Galart.org [25] Fine art photography from contemporary artists. 60%

Independent photographers

Websites that allow photographers to sell directly to clients for a monthly storage fee.

Site Description Fee Commission RF RM Prints FTP upload Secure Upload
1 PhotoShelter [26] instant download with purchase 9.99/month 10% Yes Yes Yes No Yes
2 Digital Railroad [27] download by FTP $49.95/month 5% Yes Yes No Yes No
3 Stock Pipeline [28] instant download with purchase $5.00 per 100 images per month 0% Yes Yes No - No
4 Photo Source Group [29] download by FTP 0-5$/month 20-25% Yes Yes Yes Yes No
5 myLoupe [30] immediate download $25/month 30% Yes Yes - - No
6 Photolore [31] Instant downloads w/custom print options Free 20% Yes Yes Yes - No

Free stock photo archives

There are several websites offering free stock photos. Some restrictions to their use may apply and model and property releases are still necessary for commercial use.

See also: Wikipedia:Public domain image resources

Name Link Description Images / Photographers
Free Stock Photo [32] Free Royalty-Free Stock Library for commercial and non-commercial usage. Unknown
Free Stock Photos [33] High Quality free images for your personal or commercial design projects. Unknown
CITB - ConstructionSkills online image library [34] Images from the construction industry. Registration required. Unknown
Free Digital Photos [35] Free pictures for websites, newsletters and documents etc. For commercial and non-commercial use. 2,000+
Everystockphoto.com [36] Search engine for creative commons and other generously licensed photos, for commercial use. With ajax tagging. 283,000+
PicFindr [37] "Web2.0" image search. Searches several free stock photo sites simultaneously. 350,000+ (sum of all sites in database)
Free Range Stock [38] Totally free, high-resolution stock photos for commercial or private use. Keyword searchable. Encourages image requests. thousands
Madeira Island [39] Really free royalty stock images of Madeira islands - Flowers, landscapes, street photography 5000+
morgue file [40] Royalty-free photos 100,000+ / 1,300+
PDPhoto [41] Free public domain photos 1000+
PIXmotor [42] Free RF stock images 10000+
stock.xchng [43] Owned by Jupitermedia. Sister site: stock.xpert. 198,000+ / 14,500+
Microshots.org [44] Repository of macro stock photography, free for commercial and personal use. -
Trauma Imagebank [45] Medical photographs of trauma -
FeaturePics.com FeaturePics Free Photos Free Image Gallery -
ImageTemple [46] Free stock photos for personal and commercial use. Categorized gallery searchable by keywords. 300+
StockVault [47] High quality free stock photos and high resolution images. 5000+
Image*After [48] Searchable repository of stock photos and textures, free for commercial and personal use. 14,000+
FreeFoto [49] Collection of free photographs organized into 3043 categories for private non-commercial use. 100,000+
FreePhotosWeb [50] Collection of free photographs organized in 7 broad categories 4,000+

Submission guidelines

Each stock agency has their own submission guidelines. Some allow FTP upload.

Site Pixels/Mgs Sharpening Nudity Artistic Effects FTP
1 KeenImages 4.6mp - 32mp No No No
2 Getty ?/50mb

3 Alamy ?/48mb No Yes

4 iStock 1600x1200/
Yes No No
5 Shutterstock 2.5mp/
Yes Yes Yes
6 Dreamstime 3mp+/

7 Fotolia 1600x1200 No No No Yes
8 TotallyPhotos 4mp/
Yes Yes No
9 featurepics.com 600x600
Yes No Yes
10 Galart.org 6 mp Yes Yes Yes Ask

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04 décembre 2006

Le Sévillan


Ingrédients :
Pour 6 personnes :
115 g de beurre,
115 g de sucre,
2 oeufs
115 g de farine,
1 orange,
1 cuillerée à café de levure chimique.

Glaçage :
1 orange,
115 g de sucre glace.

Préparation :

Travaillez le beurre à la cuiller de bois, dans une terrine chauffée, pour le rendre crémeux. Incorporez le sucre petit à petit, mettez ensuite les oeufs entiers l'un après l'autre tout en continuant à bien travailler la pâte.

Ajoutez la farine, le jus d'orange et le zeste finement râpé. Terminez par la levure. Versez dans un moule à manqué, beurreé de 24 cm, carré de préférence, et mettez à cuire à four moyen pendant 30 min.

Pendant ce temps, faites dissoudre le sucre glace avec le jus de l'autre orange pour obtenir une crème coulante et épaisse. Démoulez le gâteau aussitôt cuit sur un plat et arrosez-le chaud avec le glaçage pour qu'il devienne moelleux.

Tourte du Valais


Pour 6 personnes :

Pour la pâte :
150 g de farine
75 g de beurre
100 g de sucre semoule
3 oeufs, 1 sachet de levure
1 citron

Pour la garniture :
3 pommes
50 g de sucre semoule

Préparation : 15 min
Cuisson : 40 min

Dans une terrine, battez les oeufs entiers en omelette. Ajoutez le sucre, le zeste râpé et le jus de citron. Travaillez au fouet électrique. Puis incorporez la farine tamisée avec la levure, mélangez à la spatule et peu à peu ajoutez le beurre juste fondu.

Etendez cette pâte au rouleau, chemisez-en un moule en terre ou en porcelaine à feu. Garnissez avec les pommes épluchées et coupées en quartiers.
Faites cuire 20 min à four chaud 230° (7 au thermostat) et 20 min à four moyen 180° (5 au thermostat).
sortez la tarte du four, saupoudrez-la aussitôt de sucre en poudre. Servez froid ou encore tiède.

Notre conseil : ne démoulez pas cette tarte, présentez-la dans son plat de cuisson. Servez-la avec un vin blanc suisse comme le fendant du Valais.