28 décembre 2005

A morning in the train to Volgograd

Song "la... lalalalala... lala lalalala" Patrick Bruel (?).
La ou est absent l'etre humain. Un desert vegetal.. ou de neige.. ou d'eau (90% of the Volga delta is unhabited).
How far shoud I go to south to find warm weather again? This is not a second life. C'est une vie.. differente.

Mylene Farmer => factories in snow land, impossible to escape from.

Is getting there a matter of belief?
Definitely yes! Why do 1 million people look a ridiculous low figure right here in Volgograd?

Le pays de mes reves existe-t'il? Iran, Senegal, Liban, Arabie Saoudite, Koweit.. If I can not find my happiness there, where could I be then? What is the country which is as erotica as Persia, as freedom as... I do not know what's freedom, and where is it? Tabooos.. etc... Is there any exhibition on this topic? Surely. But it may be unuseful, as it is as personal as beauty is. Why so many things look shiny outside, ans smocky inside? Lights is a different colour here. Not the natural blue/light white of northern countries. Maybe fog is inside.

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